Our client was the biggest telecommunication service provider in Indonesia which require improvement in SLA of data validation across the company to facilitate inter-coordination between enterprises. Nationwide project challenges the organization’s capability to coordinate and deliver projects beyond borders. When telco company’s board of directors wanted to conduct nationwide data validation, the team had to establish a Project Management Office to accelerate the program and facilitate coordination across the enterprise.

RPS team worked together with the office to improve the business process for doing data validation. Moreover, we also managed its implementation. In a digital-driven world, we resorted to IT to help us shorten the whole phase. Our team analyzed the IT tools specification and chose which of them was able to support the data validation process. Naturally, a large project required an organizational change some time in the process. When this occurred, RPS monitored and guide our client through the management and execution of such change, for instance functional transformation or other.

At the end of the project, we successfully implemented the change management and able to send the Project Management Office staff to seven regional cities across the nation in a very short time. Despite an extremely tight deadline, we were able to meet the business objectives and finish the process improvement.

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