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Project Management

Project Management Essentials
This course is focusing on the basic concepts, tools, and skills of a professional project manager. The goal of course is learning the tool-set of a project management while also preparing for the challenges of the project.

MS Project 2016
MS Project is a tool designed for project managers so that they can achieve expected outcome within the limited time and budget. This course will help the managers to stay updated at the latest changes of the software.

IT Project Management
This course is specially designed for IT professionals to deliver IT projects on time and within budget. The goals of this course are the improvement in credibility, project estimation, effective risk management, and positive impact on the company’s situation.

Certified Master of Project Management (Certification)
This course is crafted to acquire the knowledge and skills of a senior professional project management. Learn the core of project management skills such as professional program management, effective risk management and agile methodologies.

Change Management
By the fact that 80% of change management program failed which was contributed by missed management by the people being required to change. This course is the answer to understand more different types of change and how to handle fears and resistance with strong feelings.

Risk Management
Risks occur in different forms depending on the industries and the complexity of the business. This course is fundamental to identify and quantify the possible risks associated with your business and then make decisions about how to manage and eliminate those risks.

Certified Associate in Project Management (Certification)
Project Management Professional or CAPM is an asset that will distinguish you in the job market and enhance your credibility and effectiveness working on - or with - project teams. The course is very suit for those who are just starting a career be project manager.

Project Management Professional (Certification)
Project Management Professional or PMP is a certification that is used by over 750,000 in the world. PMP is a global certification that will let you work for any industries in any location. The course is simply preparing the participant to be ready for PMP certification by PMI.

Human Capital

Ready for Change
This course that introduces participants to face Changes in the macro situation of entry into the era of the ASEAN Economic Community. To overcome this situation, the organization needs to be in a state of continuous ready for change - so that the organization becomes more flexible (flexible, agile) in adjusting its activities in accordance with the development of the situation.

Excellence Supervisory
This course is equip participants with proven supervisory techniques that can use to plan, organize, communicate and monitor that will become part of toolkit to effectively for any supervisor in organization. Participants will gain skills to play a role to run the business process efficiently, provide solutions appropriately and guide and develop others, and enable and support performance.

Winning Heart With Interpersonal Skills
We often to see other people succeed because of the ability to build relationships with others. Interpersonal skills are the key. By mastering the material described in this course, we can win the hearts of others and would be more confident in our daily lives. Participants are also equipped with effective communication skills that will benefit into career. 

Competency Based Interview
This course proved to be one effective way to make hiring decisions, resulting in employees who are more productive, perform better, and have a positive impact on your team and organization. Offered in a one or two-day format, this interactive course shows you how to use competencies in your interviewing process to determine the candidates most likely to succeed on the job.

Work Life Balance
A balanced career life is a everyone's dream. But the reality that most people get are they have limited resources, limited time, increased life pressure and loss of ability to regulate the vision of life. Find ways to get a balanced career life through a four key approaches to be successful and happier life. Solve your life balance problems through this course. 

Managing Personal Change
In the information age era, change came and went so quickly that it created turbulence and makes people often lose comfort zones. Humans today are required to be ready to change quickly and adjust their behavior. Through this course, you invited to understand the demands of fast-paced change and the steps to follow the changes appropriately.

Human Capital Business Partner
Welcome to the HR 4.0 era where the information era has arrived and the extent of Human Capital's function as a business partner. The evolution has brought HR as a company partner to grow. Through Human Capital Business Partners, we prepare ourselves with the latest competency standards to be able to build contributions as strategic partners of organizational developers who collaborate to build competitiveness. 

IT Service Management

ITIL Foundation
This course contains a comprehensive set of best practices that are used to develop and execute IT service management. Designed by the experts and focuses on the key elements, concepts and terminologies associated with ITIL service lifecycle management. This program will prepare you to obtain the ITIL® Foundation Certificate in IT Service Management Certification.

The course covered Information Systems Auditing, which describe the best practice techniques for IS audit control, assurance, and security. This course also give you the requisite skillsets to govern and control enterprise IT. Participants will gain expertise in the acquisition, development, testing, and implementation of information systems and learn the guidelines.

Six Sigma
This course is suitable for those looking to lead improvement projects and managers who require practical experience of Lean Six Sigma. To fully benefit from the Six Sigma Training it is essential that you have a project identified and examined. The course also provides a business management strategy that aims to help project leaders and process owners gain the knowledge and confidence to challenge the status quo.

Scrum Master
The course provides a comprehensive overview of the Scrum framework for agile project management and will prepare participant qualified to become a certified ScrumMaster. The course prepares participants to work successfully in the Scrum Master role together with the development team and the product owner.

Control Objectives for Information and Related Technology (COBIT) is designed for IT professionals who seeking a deeper knowledge and understanding of the governance and management of enterprise IT. COBIT 5 is the only business framework for governance and management of enterprise IT from ISACA. This course provides a comprehensive understanding of the COBIT 5 and help to pass the COBIT 5 Foundation certification exam.

Health Safety Environment (HSE)

General Safety
Managing risks, people and property is important to the success of any business. The use of control systems to protect resources increases the chances of success. A key part of any safety program is training. This In-class course designed to increase safety awareness in the work environment and applicable to all areas of work.

The Hazard Identification & Risk Assessment (HIRA)
This course will help participants to improve their health and safety performance. They will learn effective and proven methods of hazard identification, assessment, and control. At the end, participants will be able to conduct and support safety, health and environmental risk assessments at work.

OHSAS 18001 & SMK3L
This course refers to the International standard of OHSAS 18001: 2007 with the aim that companies can meet these government regulations while providing, implementing and maintaining a Health and Safety Management System. This In-class course applicable to all areas of work.

Internal Audit (ISO 19011:2011)
Internal Audit as one of the management system requirements is important in facing competitive business challenges. This course will direct and give understanding to participants in preparing internal audit programs along with the resources and materials of appropriate audit implementation activities.

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