Event Services

Event Management

We helps you in event management services, assisting professionally in every aspect of your needs. Our system facilitates you in every aspect of the event life cycle of planning, executing (registration to post-event analysis) and reporting. You can rely on us to manage end-to-end logistics for your event. What we do:

  1. Event Management Planning and Budgeting
  2. Supplier Management
  3. Onsite Event Execution
  4. Team Building Evaluation
  5. Post Event Reporting

Team Building

Team Building (Outdoor Based Training) designed to develop participant’s ability to learn and work effectively as a great team. The tasks is combined with a collaborative reflection and discussion about each activity, helps participants to understand how they can work to complement one another effectively. What we do:

  1. Culture and Business Transformation
  2. Leaders and People Development
  3. Strengts Finder Assesment
  4. Team Solid Learning Solutions
  5. Customized Team Building Traning

High Impact Outbound

The organization with a high level of pressure, a fast and relentless production process certainly makes employees in a high pressure. High Impact Outbound Training is a learning program for all applied sciences carried out in the outdoor with an effective form of creative games, with a combination of intelligence, physical, mental, and spiritual.

The training also has a high level of risk and requires courage and physical endurance from the participants. Partnered with outbound provider who are experienced in their fields, and strict supervision is carried out on the safety of the participants during the event.

Facilitated Workshop

We also provided facilitated workshop as one part of a change roadmap that can use to build your business. Our team of consultants can facilitate tailored workshops to provide a solution for an organization seeking to improve building teams, building products and continuous improvement. Our facilitated workshop well suited for:

  1. Training and Development
  2. Problem Solving
  3. Brain Storming
  4. Operational Improvements
  5. Critical Decision Making
  6. Root Cause and Gap Analysis

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