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Every business has different challenges, hence needs different service model to optimize the outcomes. The challenge may vary, but the main goal is only for DELIVERY SUCCESS. We deliver two service models that you can choose to fit your business listed as below:

Fixed-Lumpsum Model

This model is suitable when the project scope is defined, analyzed, documented and signed-off between you and us. We will provide you with a focused and defined strategy so that you can have a definite number of cost and timeline to make any risk negligible. This model prevents you from worrying the project expense because it is an all-in-one package.

Time-Material Model

This model is suitable when the project scope is indefinite. This model allows you to have more resources and more time in the middle of a project in order to reach higher project success rate. We will provide you with technical and operational resources so that you can have evolving strategies to avoid project failures.

We are also aware that you have targeted time and budgeted cost, it is possible to have evolving project scope over the time. We provide you with flexible option packages to meet your business needs as we offer two resource assignment models listed below:

Dedicated – Onsite

This model is perfect for large-scope projects that require close monitoring. We will place our experts on your site so that the project can be well-monitored and expected results are delivered within the targeted timeline and budget. You can use them as you wish, whenever you need them.

Dedicated – Offsite

Slightly different with the Dedicated-Onsite model, this model is suitable for medium-scope but needs more strategies involved in it. Our experts will gather data on site, analyzing data and creating deliverables documents by working in our office in Jakarta. They will be reporting to you on daily and weekly basis.

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