Our client was one of the prominent aviation company in Indonesia. The ability to efficiently manage change is an indicator of organizational excellence. The challenge was the organization’s company was too big with more than 1000 employees but delivered low productivity. Before they worked with us, the company was hired more employees than they can handle. Thus, resulting in excessive expenses and inefficiency. Progress was slow, and it encouraged slack working environment among employees.

As a service organization, this problem made their service cost highly expensive compared to their competitors. RPS brought solution to this by collaborating with our client to re-define the organizational structure to be leaner. We worked together with the organization, re-structuring the corporate strategy and business performance. We reviewed and proposed some key processes to optimize efficiency and cash flow. Then, with a lean structure promotes efficiency and increase their competitiveness. Throughout the transformational change, we guided and helped them with the execution. At the end of the phase, we managed to reduce the number of employee from 1000 to 400 and saved the operating expenses for about 5 billion IDR per month.

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