Certified Master of Project Management (CMPM) Training

Telkom Indonesia

March 29, 2016


Telkom Indonesia wished to upskill its employees through the CMPM (Certified Master of Project Management) certification delivered by Brainbench.


RPS trained Telkom employees to fully understand CMPM theory and more easily pass the assessment.


To provide this project management training, Ryska Academy fostered:
1. Presentation of project management information and material
2. Discussion and sharing about common PM best practices
3. Individual and group practice of management scenarios
4. Group presentation exercises
5. Exam Preparation through a Q&A method

Participants of Ryska’s CMPM training successfully:
1. Obtained their CMPM license from Brainbench
2. Truly understood project management theory and successfully enhanced the success of related IT projects
3. Demonstrated knowledge and competency of project management techniques


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