HSE System Improvement Consultation

Pelita Air Services

March 1, 2017


Pelita Air Services sought to improve health, safety, and work environment systems through consultations, workshops, and training. These activities were held to encourage employees to always pay attention to aspects of health, safety, and the work environment.


To improve and address the health, safety, and work environment aspects at Pelita Air Services, we developed two major initiatives:
1. Improve HSE-PQ capabilities
2. Conduct a gap analysis by comparing the current HSE status quos to HSE system best practices (through workshops)


The client organization was able to enjoy clarity regarding HSE issues and risks. We provided reports that detailed HSE compliance gaps with clients’ HSE-PQ requirements, and provided improved documentation on how to align HSE-PQ expectations and requirements in the oil & gas industry. Beside, all consultations and workshops were delivered on time.


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