IATA Certification for Pelita Air Training Center Consultation

Pelita Air Services

August 31, 2018


The IATA Authorized Training Center is an independent training organization authorized by IATA to provide classroom instruction for IATA Distance Learning courses. Pelita Air Services wished to be approved as an authorized provider of IATA courses.


Pelite Air Services received a plug-and-play set of recommendations to improve their attractiveness as a potential candidate for IATA approval.


We provide services to Pelita Air Services to receive IATA certification as follows:
1. Revise and update course material as needed.
2. Preparation and distribution of examination results.
3. Registration of Pelita Air Training Center in the list of Authorized IATA Training Centers on the IATA website, in newsletters, and on other relevant publications.
4. Facilitate one free training kit for each course type where ATC has been authorized
5. Authorization to use the specific “IATA ATC” sub-brand logo as provided by IATA and with the prior approval of the IATA Training & Development Institute for advertisements

The IATA Training & Development Institute was satisfied that all standards have been met and an IATA certification was issued to Pelita Air Training Center.


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