IT Master Plan

PT. Dayamitra Telekomunikasi (Mitratel)

December 3, 2020


In the mid of a pandemic, Mitratel is planning an IPO in 2021, but ITD Division doesn’t yet have a master plan document as requirements for the IPO. In addition, the existing organizations facing problem with ability to accommodate the needs of IT jobs at the company. The situation are complex when ITD needs the document which pandemic makes face-to-face meetings very limited otherwise document needed in tight timeframe and very tight ITD member schedule.


Mitratel needs to have an IT guideline document that complies with the rules of the parent company before the IPO is carried out.


RPS help ITD Mitratel to obtained an IT Master Plan document with align to COBIT, ITIL approach and other accredited references in a fairly tight and short period of time with 100 hundered online meeting.
The ITMP document will help Mitratel to meet the IPO requirements.


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