Masterplan of Airport Business Development

Pelita Air Services

January 17, 2017


Pelita Air Sevices wished to construct a new airport that offered speedy, safe, and comfortable air services for flight operators and passengers alike. The company needed assistance with the development of a plan and layout for an efficient, organized airport.


RPS analyzed the feasibility and existing potential of such an airport, taking into consideration the possible regencies and municipalities in which an airport could be constructed. This required knowledge and research into land use plans and facility layout blueprints, an analysis of the surrounding area’s usage, and the development of a priority scale to help Pelita Air Services determine which initiatives were the most urgent. RPS also developed a planning horizon and development schedule to maximize the airport’s construction.


The resulting Airport Masterplan was used as the ultimate guideline for the construction of Pelita Air Services’ airport. It included supporting documents such as capacity analysis, land usage analysis, airport facility analysis, a layout of the airport itself, construction implementation schedule, work environment safety measures, a flight operation safety guide, geographic noise boundaries, and financial analyses up to the planned year of completion.


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