National Data Validation & Change Management

Telkom Indonesia

January 9, 2017


Telkom Indonesia needed to validate the data in its inventory access. The data itself spanned millions of users across the entire country, but the company struggled with both the limited data available, and the questionable accuracy of the data that was on hand. Aside from this, the project suffered from data inconsistencies contributed at various points throughout the value chain.


To help Telkom validate its data inventory and access, RPS developed specific steps to deliver desired results:

  1. Problem identification (review current strategy)
  2. Process improvement (business process assessment)
  3. IT Tools improvement (IT assessment)
  4. PM framework optimization (project governance assessment)
  5. Proposed strategy adjustment

RPS was able to successfully validate all of the data in inventory access at Telkom Indonesia. The project was completed successfully according to the proposed schedule.


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