OHSAS 18001 & SMK3 Certification Consultation

Pelita Air Services

September 6, 2018


The client wished to improve workplace safety and avoid potential workplace accidents—K3 conditions don’t just pose potential economic losses, but non-economic ones as well, such as harm to brand reputation.


We assisted Pelita Air Services in improving company performance and obtaining their OHSAS 18001 & SMK3 certifications.


Our assistance during the HSE audit for OHSAS 18001 dan SMK3 encompassed several steps and activities:
1. Providing material and assistance related to OHSAS 18001 and SMK3 to P2K3 members
2. Prepare an integrated SMK3LL document and provide socialization to P2K3 members, which would then be passed on to all workers at Pelita Air Service
3. Implement and maintain the Occupational Health and Safety Management System (SMK3)
4. Obtain certification from the authorized institution that issues OHSAS 18001 and SMK3 certificates

Pelita Air Services successfully received their OHSAS 18001 certificate (with satisfactory results) and SMK3 certification (advanced level).


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