PMO Data Center Expansion

Medco E&P

February 22, 2019


RPS was trusted to collaborate with a data center solution provider in a Medco Data Center Expansion project, serving as the PMO.


RPS was responsible for supporting infrastructure management, expansion, server installation, and storage at the PT Medco E&P Data Center, located at the Energy Building Tower.


RPS was requested to ensure that all servers and data storage centers were ready to be used. We were also tasked with ensuring that all offshore servers were successfully and safely sent to their destinations.

Within a very short time frame, our team was expected to handle a majority of the responsibility, including:
1. managing the distribution of servers and storage equipment from the data center solution provider
2. preparing data center space to achieve project objectives
3. installing all servers and storage before employees moved into the building

Thanks to the solid and professional cooperation, the project ran relatively smoothly. The work was completed three weeks earlier than originally planned, and the project completely wrapped up in just three months.


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