PMO/P3O Training

PT. Angkasa Pura II

December 4, 2019


Angkasa Pura II wished to upskill and increase the functions of its Project Management Officer (PMO).


To strengthen the PMO function at Angkasa Pura II, we held a PMO Framework workshop to increase participants’ understanding of the Portfolio, Program, dan Project Offices (P3O) global best practices. We then held subsequent workshops to strengthen and further develop the monitoring and evaluation framework.


Completed objectives:

1. Support each individual in demonstrating their increased knowledge and understanding of PMO and M&E best practices
2. Allow practitioners to adopt guidelines for real-life scenarios
3. Help practitioners improve their decision-making, more effectively implement change initiatives, and better organize, manage, and implement strategic programs
4. Inform senior management’s decision-making on factors including strategy, prioritization, risk management, and optimization of resources to successfully achieve their business objectives (portfolio management)
5. Identification and realization of business results and benefits through the program
6. Successful delivery of project results that improved cost- and time-efficiency as well as overall quality


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