Sistem Logistik Ikan Nasional (SLIN) Consultation and Improvement

Kementrian Kelautan Perikanan (KKP)

November 7, 2018


This logistics system development project sought to collect and verify data from National Fishing Logistics Systems (SLIN) procurement subsystems related to fishery production points in WPP-RI-718.


We offered several solutions to KKP to develop SLIN:
1. Conduct a study on fishery product production data, including data on production support facilities / infrastructure.
2. Verify data and identify problems related to production data.
3. Perform data gap analysis and data mapping.
4. Field survey to 5 different areas (Ambon, Merauke, Timika, Jayapura, and Tual)


Through our solutions, we successfully provided KKP with the tools needed to develop a national fishing logistics system:
1. Production data report at specific production center points in WPP-RI-718
2. Data verification report
3. A distribution map pattern in WPP-RI-718 based on production data, complete with recommendations


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