Strengthening Safety Culture Consultation

PT. Pertamina Aviasi

August 30, 2019


The client needed to understand and improve their workplace safety structure in several stages. They needed to assess the company’s current safety practices, operations, and activities, then develop an approach that could result in security excellence and more sustainable operations. The desired results included increased competitiveness and the identification of an automated monitoring system to continually identify areas of improvement.


Our solution for Pertamina Aviation included:
1. Integrated assessment: A review of the system to understand gaps between current procedures and desired results
2. Leadership workshop for employees at all levels to improve workplace safety culture


Thanks to the workshops that offered a deeper understanding of the importance of workplace safety culture, Pertamina Aviation employees are now able to use a safety-first approach. Within several months after the training, they were able to identify several potential issues that could have possibly impacted workplace safety and performance and mitigate the risk successfully.


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