What is RPS

RPS is a leading service delivery company committed to bringing together excellent service delivery and qualified resource to deliver greater outcomes. We encourage every business leader to understand the real essence of DELIVERY SUCCESS by putting in place the right disciplines, organizational structures, and areas of governance. Our mission as a company is to ensure the provision of CUSTOMER SUCCESS all the way through from initial implementation to delivery execution.

We are aware that there are companies offering similar services, but we stand out from the crowd as we focus to manage not only projects but service delivery. It is also supported by skilled resource and qualified competency that we own. We are aware that the customers want to be successful, hence successful implementation of a project is very critical. That is why managing DELIVERY SUCCESS has become our vision to ensure the customers get what they have expected; increased sales, reduced cost, higher customer satisfaction, and improved resources competency – are all the result of our focus has been finely tuned into excellent delivery management services.

RPS was founded in 2013 when a group of seasoned professionals gathered in a team to provide competitive project management services. With innovative and professional solutions, RPS was able to solve various business challenges for various type of industries.

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