We manage project to success. RPS assists you to optimize Project Management and Delivery Execution through solid leadership, qualified people and proven project governance. Thus, resulting in faster, better, and leaner delivery execution.

Who We Are


The RPS team works to provide you with an excellent service delivery. Our team brings together our project management expertise, years of professional experience in the industry, and strategic management insights to move your business forward. We guarantee your success by providing a range of service package and custom-made solutions – as we are aware every business requires different approach and offer.

We respect every small detail could bring large impact to your business, that is why we never stop pushing accross the boundaries, achieving beyond skyline and thinking the impossible to bring about the ideal solutions right in front of you. Not are passionate about what we do, but we also take pride in every step of our work.

Ensuring our CUSTOMER SUCCESS is our top priority. There are 3 divisions which are purposed for ensuring customer satisfaction, let us introduce you to the team:

Customer Advocacy

This team is committed to listen to your problem, advocate and assist you, and recommend tailor-made service model for you. Their main goal is your satisfaction.

Customer Success

This is a service team. The people who are ready to work relentlessly to partner you to success. Their role started from project initiation to project execution, ensuring you get what you have expected at the first place.


Enterprise team is supporting team. The team is consisted of human resource and financial function which support the other teams and creating a supportive working atmosphere and environment.

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